The Pays Cathare, between sea and mountains.

A chosen environment

Leaving Carcassonne on the D118 on the edge of the Canal du Midi, you will join the D620 and after a pleasant 10-minute drive you will arrive in Villegly.
In the village you will find the Marie, primary school teachers, postmen and shops ready to welcome you. You will discover an Art de Vivre in Villegly.

The Ste Anne hillside and its mill look down to the entrance of this charming village. The 8000 m2 of land are at the foot of the hillside, with an open view onto the mill, the hill, the Village Villegly and castle are on the horizon.
The developer, whishing a more dense urbanisation, has chosen to have a central path, planted with trees, leading to the different plots at the end of which is a turn round area. As constructions undergo a plan, each plot will find an optimum exploitation layout.

Building plot
The plot, 1st investment of a building project, is a crucial choice for your construction to perfectly fit in with the environment.
The location, orientation and exposure are as many factors to take into account to confirm the choice.
On an exceptional site, the developer offers prepared plots (water, electricity, telecom, drains), going from 233 to 509m2.
Each plot offers a rational exploitation of the areas, even within contained surfaces."
After delivery of roadwork and other network constructions, a certificate of conformity will be issued by the administration.
A unions association will be created to ensure of the management of common spaces.
Tall trees and hedgerows will be planted on open dedicated areas on the roadsides.
ACCESS AND FENCING By the private garage, a soil-processed walkway will lead to the gate.
On the façade, the layout will be finalized by a gate giving onto to your villa and a 1,5 m high wrought iron fence bordering the open private parking.
Party fences, stakes and fencing, will also be realized.
An electrical box and a letterbox will be on the wall at the corner of the parking.
Tall trees and hedgerows will be planted on private, open, dedicated areas.

Construction alternatives
Energy performances

To conform to French Grenelle de l’Environnement (sustained development), constructions will have to comply with high-energy performances.
The procedure’s technical annex will commit each land owner of the „Clos Ste Anne“, when handing in a building permit request, to a Bbio study (Thermal Analysis) related to this energy performance requirement.
To fulfil this demand, companies and builders will, within the development of the wood sector, propose wood framed houses with low energy consumption and a price getting closer to thus of traditional constructions.

Wood frame constructions
Why this choice? Because it simply very is the best compromise when building a villa. A semi-industrial manufacturing of the walls and flooring guaranties perfect insulation and airtightness. These houses will then have efficient energy consumption, higher than the regulations RT 2012.
Facades will either be treated with an ITE coating or wood cladding. .
Carpentries will have performing insulating glass. The choice of materials such as wood wool and wood fibre, will access the comfort of a passive house and the future regulations RT 2020.

A traditional villa…

Just as half-timbered houses built many centuries ago, the wood frame houses of the „Clos Ste Anne“ are designed to last for generations. They are entirely made by local or regional artisans are companies.

You will know that your choice was the right one when you will drive up, park your car and find yourself facing the contemporary and most modern architecture, definitely adapted to today’s life style.

Reduced Energy consumption and excellent phonic and thermal performances are given by a reinforced insulation, 200m /m of wool and wood fibre in the walls and 300m /m of glass wool and polyethylene foam in the roofs as well as perfect airtightness.

As soon as you will move in, you will discover the assets and the comfort of wood frame houses.

Walls, flooring and roof boxes are manufactured to guaranty the quality. The implementation will be professionally realised.

The finishing touches including, dividing walls, tiling, wood floors, sanitary appliances, electrical appliances, heating via a heat pump will also be carried out with greatest care.

All this for your daily comfort!
On each plot, the garage, private parking and high trees will be the architectural structure of the path.

3 Villas…

.. Three layouts adapted to your needs and your family

90,80 m² living space on the plots
N°3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 14, 17 and 18

101,60 m² living space on the plots
N°12, 13, 15 and 16

114,90 m² living space on the plots
N°1, 2, 9, 10 and 11

geographic location

The Carcassonne airport, and different airlines coming in from Northern Europe create a real dynamic for local tourism.


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